Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand


In all faiths the Hamsa Hand is a protective symbol. It is said to bring to its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. 

Hand crafted with 108 ethically harvested, genuine semi-precious gemstones from our beautiful planet.

TRIDACNA is known for calming nerves, increasing wisdom, enhancing immunity and removing irritability or annoyance. This organic gemstone helps with insomnia and has anti-aging healing properties.  

PYRITE brings luck and protection shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds.

SANDALWOOD is a sacred wood for balance and peace. It is traditionally used in malas and is known to be powerful for having the ability to enhance meditation. These healing beads promote deep tranquility and encourage a positive mind set.

AMAZONITE has a calming effect on the soul and spirit creating love from negativity. Stone of truth and spiritual healing.

“Blessings of Joy & Peace”

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