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Current Project:

In memory of Samuel Waldron, we are working to build a beautiful gazebo in his honour. This will be a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

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Help build Sam's gazebo...

M.I.K.E. (Moms Inspiring Kids Enlightenment) is honoured to be fundraising for this gazebo in memory of Samuel M. Waldron. Sam was a kind and loving son, brother, and a true loyal friend. He was an outstanding scholar and achieved much in his short life. A remarkable young man that will live forever in our hearts and be remembered with love and pride by all his friends and family.

Sam's gazebo will be donated to a park in Lake Country, BC. A place for gatherings and recreation in all sessions, which he would have thought a great idea. Let's create more memories and good times.

Click below to donate!

100% of your donation will go towards completing this project  and plaque with your name will be placed in Sam's gazebo.

"There is no remedy for Love but to Love more."
- H.D. Thoreau

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