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Mala Meaning

A malas have various names such as mediation beads, prayers beads, mala necklaces, yoga necklaces, rosary, mala beads, boho mala, garden of beads or flower of prayers. Wearing mala jewelry is a special way to connect to your inner self and spiritual being. If you are seeking a more meaningful lifestyle, mala beads are incredible healers and a great way to remain peaceful. 


Buddhist malas, or prayers beads, are traditionally used to count the number of times a mantra or affirmation is said. You can think or speak out loud the entire mantra for each bead.  Practice your mala meditations with your mantra or affirmation whenever you feel you are in need of some extra love or peace in yourself or life.

You may notice that our gemstone beads vary in all different shades and colours. This is because all of our gemstones are genuine and will always be slightly different.  

Each piece gemstone has it’s own meaning and healing properties. You can find the healing properties of each bracelet or necklace in it’s description in our shop.


At Zenwand, we have large selection of designs in our mala jewelry. A number of our bracelets include coloured gemstones representing each of the 7 primary chakras. Chakras are the energy centres in our body through which energy flows. Wearing these mala bracelets will help to restore and balance your chakra system. Helping your spiritual body and your physical body to stay connected at all times. This is a simple yet elegant way to align the energy centres of your body. Each of the 7 chakra stones on your mala brings its own individual healing properties. You will feel a positive difference when wearing your mala bracelet, just remember to wear it on your left wrist for your own healing experience. 

Mala Care

Our bracelets and necklaces are handcrafted with sacred stones and wood. 

They require to be handled with love and respect for long lasting wear. Wash them gently in warm water and a soft soap. Make sure that your water temperature is not too hot as it will cause the elastic to stretch and eventually become weak.  Run the gemstones under the warm water for at least 30 seconds, then proceed to cool water for your final rinse. Wash away all old energies your mala may be holding on to, then pat to dry and reset your intention for you stones. 


Rinsing is a wonderful way to clear your gemstones as well as smudging the crystals. We smudge our crystals continuously in our process with sage before they arrive to you. Sage can be quite potent and while many people are not bothered by the scent, others may find it overwhelming. We have discovered that Lavender and sage mixed together is a very nice blend and a great alternative to masking the strong smell. We also love to use Palo Santo “Holy Wood” from the rainforest of Ecuador. It is fairly mild and is also a fresh, easy way to clear multiple times throughout the day. If you are not a fan of smudging you can always clear with other crystals such as Selenite. We find this method to be very powerful.  At Zenwand we like to clear on a daily basis to make sure everything remains pure and light. That includes our gemstones, our space and ourselves. Healing stones are great for keeping your energy centres balanced, therefore you must keep your crystals balanced as well. Which ever clearing technique you choose, focus on the crystals. Hold a strong, positive energy and set your intention. 

On full moons leaving your gemstone crystals in the moonlight is energetically very powerful and cleansing. It is beneficial to place your jewelry in a window at this time to collect the energy of our magnificent moon. Sunlight is also energizing for your stones just be extra careful not to leave them out for too long as this may cause fading. Fading is very common and while it doesn’t technically affect the energy of the crystals, it changes the appearance of your mala bracelet or mala necklace and who wants that right?! 


For our mala bracelets, we mainly wear them on our left wrist. This is because your left wrist receives the healing properties of the stones and absorbs them into your body. When you choose to wear your bracelet on your right wrist, you are giving the energy to the people who surround you or situations that may need healing. For example, if your friend is in need of some extra healing energy you may decide to switch over your bracelet from your left wrist to your right. Then picture your crystals radiating off light energy to the person or a situation.

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